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What is a “Voice Over”?

When I tell people that I am a voiceover artist, I more than often get the same reaction. “That’s cool, but what is a voiceover?”

A voiceover (or voice over) happens anytime you hear a recorded voice and you don’t see a person speaking. Cartoon voices, Radio/TV commercials, video game characters, phone systems, youtube videos and training videos are some of the many examples of voiceovers.

The next question everyone needs to ask is why do I need a voiceover. The answer to this is simple. Today’s digital world is fast paced and isolating. Adding a voice to your offering gives your consumer/client/customer an emotional connection to you, your brand and your product. This emotional connection is what will make you stand out and guarantee undivided attention.

Video Narration

Whether you have a kickstarter campaign, whiteboard video, or a corporate narration, you need it to come to life. The right voice again will help your product jump out and give it an emotional connection.

Real Estate Video Narration

The real estate world is extremely competitive. You may only have 10-15 seconds to get a buyer to view your property online. Viewers retain 95% of your message when watching a video as opposed to only 10% when reading text. The average user also spends 8% more time on a website with a video.

Commercial Video

Here’s a straight up commercial.

Phone Systems

Frequently, your phone system is the first impression your customer gets of you, outside of the digital world. In many cases the person on the recording is less than enthusiastic “volunteer” from the office. Adding an experienced read will enhance your customer experience.

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