How Much is This Gonna Cost

Chances are if you are looking to get a professional voiceover done, you have a budget in mind. Lots of variables can affect the final price. Below is a basic pricing structure but always contact me for a custom quote.

Non- Broadcast Rates (corporate, business, explainer video, etc…)

0-2 Minutes: $200 USD

2-4 Minutes: $300 USD

4-7 Minutes: $400 USD

7-10 Minutes: $550 USD

10 Minutes or more: Request a Quote

Telephony/IVR: $200 USD + $5/prompt for IVR

Broadcast Rates

Radio (minimum rate/spot: 13 week cycle)

Local (Small Market): $250 USD

Local (Large Market): $400 USD

Regional: $750 USD

National: $1500 USD

Television (minimum rate/spot: 13 week cycle)

Local: $400 USD

Regional: $1250 USD

National: $2500 USD

All Services Include

A professionally recorded male voice talent

Fast Delivery, usually within 24 hours or less depending on project size

Easy and Friendly Service

Edited voice tracks

Audio delivered in many formats, even the super weird ones.

Audio Delivery by email, dropbox, good drive, mail, carrier pigeon

Directed sessions available through skype or conference call

Get Your Custom Quote

Fill out some details and lets chat about your needs