Mike Durocher 

I am a North American male voice over artist. I deliver clean, professional audio quickly and hassle free. Click below to get started now!

About Me

Although most people use this BIO to talk about themselves, I’d like to start by talking about you. Bottom line you are here to find the right voice talent to suit your needs. 


What’s the right voice talent? I’m glad you asked. 


The right voice talent needs to have two main components: 


1 – The right voice for your job. I have that. I have the type of voice that if you were at a voice petting zoo, you would want to pet my voice, but you’d be afraid of petting my voice because you weren’t sure what it was going to do next, type of voice. Listen to my demos if you don’t believe me. 

2 – Customer focused service. Outside my career as a voice actor, I have owned a restaurant for many years. Because of this I know the true meaning of service and hospitality. Also having owned my own business, I know what it’s like to pay for services and feel let down when they aren’t delivered. 


With that in mind, not only will I get you great sounding audio, I will do it quickly and I will be available to you after for anything you may require. I will not consider the job completed until you feel confident to use me again as a voice talent and recommend me to people you know and respect. 


Personally, I am a husband and father of 3. I am also an avid hockey coach, player and fan, occasional golfer and guitar enthusiast. Want to know more, contact me and ask!

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